0.4 micron gold particle available!
Superior quality micron and
sub-micron gold particles
rupture disk Macocarrier stopping screens gold particles cell tubing
  Extensive range: 7 sizes of gold particle are available: 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 6.0 micron
  Uniformity: Inter and Intra batch particle size consistency
  Purity: >99.98% pure gold ensuring minimal degradation of biological material due to heavy metal contamination
  Premium Quality: Exceeding the highest quality in the industry. The manufacturing process has ISO9001 certification and each batch is thoroughly analysed.
  Performance: Get it right, time after time with the consistency of InBio Gold
  Enhanced Transformation Consumables: Rupture Disks engineered for greater consistency and to eliminate adhesive seepage and Immaculate Macrocarriers and Stopping Screens
  Guaranteed availability for worldwide delivery!
Histochemical GUS stain :
Embryogenic Ryegrass callus
InBio Gold 1.0 micron
Histochemical GUS stain :
Immature Wheat embryo
InBio Gold 0.6 micron
Histochemical GUS stain :
Embryogenic Ryegrass callus
Leading Competitor 1.0 micron


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